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Beautifully simple, beautifully convenient, beautifully fast, 

Change the way you shop for better, for good
Shop Beautiful is designed to make shopping easier, faster, more exciting and more interactive. It will transform  the way you browse and buy, online and in the real world. Discover a new dimension of shopping through your smartphone. The future of shopping is in your hands. 

Start shopping beautiful…

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Shop Beautiful with Rezolve

Shop Beautiful by Rezolve.

See the attraction

Be the first to hear about offers and deals. Be the first in the queue to check out.  Make brands and retailers instantly shoppable, everywhere. 

Beautifully simple. Beautifully fast. Beautifully secure. 

Better Deals find you 

Turn on your app and we will find nearby retailers and beam the best offers and exclusive deals straight to your mobile 

Discover new brands

when new brands arrive you’ll be the first to know about it and the first to take advantage. The app can unlock exclusive information from adverts and promotional links or you can learn more about brands while you are in store. 

Convenient and secure

Once your details are secure with us you can check out instantly at home and on the move. No more passwords, forms or details to fill in. Buy instantly with confidence. 

Discover new ways to shop, browse and buy

Shopping becomes a whole new adventure.  Make it more immediate, more informative, more convenient,  more exciting and a lot more fun.

Rezolve GeoZones

Explore what’s near and let deals find you

Our Rezolve GeoZones feature links you with the shops nearby and will alert you to special offers and deals. You’ll always be in the right place at just the right time. 

Geozones in Action

Rezolve Scannable Images

Shop the Picture

Posters and ads can come alive for you. See a Rezolve logo and scan it to interact with great content and discover exclusive offers.

Scannable images in Action

Rezolve Audio Watermarks

Music has a message for you

Turn on your app and tune in.  Music and soundtracks in adverts and instore can carry special messages for you. Activate content and special deals just by letting your phone listen in.

Audio watermarks in action

Rezolve Beacons

Beacons of information

Open your app instore and beacons will transmit exclusive information to you. Find the latest new arrivals and discover new brands.

Beacons in Action
Shop Beautiful with Rezolve

Put the future of shopping in your hands right now 

Download the app now and make your world more ‘shoppable’. 

One account

One account and one login for multiple stores and retailers. 


Highest levels of security and privacy 

Deals and offers

Exclusive deals and offers negotiated with our retail partners 


Instant checkouts and payments 

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