Integrating Rezolve

Add the power of Rezolve into your app and backend systems with our easy integration tools.

  • Transform your app to a Rezolve SuperApp with our Native SDKs
  • Synchronise inventory and order processing via our easy connection tools
Powerful integration tools
The Rezolve SDK

Rezolve SDK

Integrate the Rezolve SDK and amaze your current app users with stunning new experiences and workflows.

Rezolve provides native SDKs for iOS and Android apps. We also provide all the documentation you need to understand all the components of the SDK and how they makes use of the phone’s native location, notification, microphone and camera functionality.

Upgrade your app to detect Rezolve triggers, offer Instant Buy and enable your customers to join the dots between the physical and the digital world.

Rezolve APIs

Rezolve makes it simple to synchronised inventory and orders with the most common ecommerce platforms.

In addition, Rezolve provides a whole set of APIs and documentation for building custom integrations with external applications.