Using Your Rezolve-Powered App

Why is image scanning not working?

It may be that it’s too dark for your phone to see the image properly. Try tapping the ‘torch’ icon on the scan screen.

If the image is behind glass, reflections can sometimes interfere as well.

Why am I not getting notified about local offers?

Make sure you’ve enabled your phone to ‘Always Allow’ your location to be shared with Rezolve. This will mean Rezolve will always be able to notify you when there are offers nearby.

If you search for ‘location’ in your settings on your phone, you can see which apps you are sharing your location with.

Are my personal details secure?

Your personal information will be sent to merchants when you submit an ‘act’ or place an order. You can check the merchant’s privacy policyby clicking the link above the submit/pay buttons.

Rezolve tracks when an interaction happens, but no persona ldata is captured or stored during the tracking process.

Is it safe to enter credit card details into the app?

When you enter credit card details into the app, they are saved in a secure online vault. The app then holds a secure ‘token’ which points to that card, and which it can send when it’s time to make a payment. This means your card details are never stored within the app, or transmitted by the app. It’s the same as using something like ApplePay or Google Pay.

How do I know if an image is scannable?

Instant Buy

Look out for the blue Rezolve circle logo.

This shows you the image contains a watermark and you can scan it with the app.

Do I have to be in a GeoZone to see a location-linked promotion?

You can see all the location-linked promotions by going to the ‘In The Area’ page in the app. This will show you all the offers available ,sorted by how close they are to your current location.

How can I check the status of an order?

Your order details will appear in ‘My Activity’. In the list of orders you can see the status of the order. This is where you can see whether the order is ‘Complete’ or not – ‘Complete’ usually means it is on its way to you.

If you view the details of the order, you can see the merchant’s contact details at the bottom. Get in touch with the merchant for more information on your order.