Scannable Images

 Scannable Images

Revolutionise your printed materials

Watermarking technology on 2D print is the key to unlocking exciting interactive opportunities on all your artwork. Let customers connect with every poster, flier, mailer, package, menu, swing tag or catalogue.

Hidden Watermarks

Rezolve’s new technology embeds invisible patterns into any image that can only be seen and read by Rezolve mobile devices.  Take customers from offline to online in a single scan.

Scannable images bring an element of surprise, fun and a new level of engagement to printed marketing.  Your customers will love discovering deeper content in and will encourage more interaction with all of your brand.

Picture your data

Count every scan, click through, sign up or sale with Rezolve’s Analytic tools. Collect new valuable insights on shopping behaviour via this traditional, analogue media.

Pictures now speak volumes about the effectiveness of your print campaigns.

Scan to inform or entertain

A quick, simple scan can open up a limitless world of information. Use scanning to tell customers more about the provenance of the product, or important nutritional details you don’t have room for on packaging or labelling.

Take them to websites or other digital media and connect to other branded material. An image can be just the start of an endless brand story.

Scannable labels