Become a partner in the retail revolution

  • Offer cutting edge commerce technology that provides a smooth and elegant mobile experience
  • Benefit from generous referral agreements
  • Develop new income streams for revenue share
Partner with Rezolve
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Stand out from the crowd

Stand out in your competitive market by introducing innovative new tech

Rezolve is technology ahead of its time. It is built for the new age of multi channel retailing, instant checkouts and geo-located, personalised targeted engagement.

You will be able to offer added value to any retail client who is looking for innovative solutions to grow their sales.

Everybody Gains

Benefit from new business referrals

We provide you with valuable merchant referrals from our growing database.

In turn, you can build new revenue streams from merchants and clients you refer to Rezolve.

It’s a partnership with growing mutual benefits.

Grow with the data

Develop new income streams for revenue share

Merchants using the Rezolve app benefit from gaining new customers and sales, while you earn revenue from every online transaction and interaction.

Contact us for details on our latest pricing plans.

Rezolve simply shops smarter

Rezolve is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform and mobile app designed to be easy to integrate and simple to use

Rezolve Inside SDK

You can run Rezolve technology with your existing app and add all its powerful functionality to your current services.

Shop Beautiful app

Rezolve's existing production app means you can offer our powerful features and services with no integration needed.

DIY marketing management

A simple drag and drop dashboard enables anyone to create, manage and track sophisticated targeted advertising and marketing campaigns.

Pull the trigger for engagement

Offer interaction with more customers, in more places, in more engaging ways

Geozones in Action

Geo Zone Targeting

Set messaging to fire when Rezolve customers are in specific locations driving footfall to shops and venues.

Scannable images in Action

Bring print alive

Add Rezolve scannable watermarks to posters, magazines and instore messaging to uncover exclusive content, offers and promotions.

Audio watermarks in action

The sound of engagement

Trigger hidden messaging and content from soundtracks on video and TV ads.