Solutions for Museums and Galleries

Make history with Rezolve

Rezolve brings super retail efficiency to venues while it educates and informs.

Studying at an art gallery

More informative exhibits

Give visitors a wealth of information to explore using their phones. Make exhibits more immersive and interactive with beacons and scannable images throughout.

Let beacons be your guide

Send notifications to alert visitors as they enter special exhibits and areas. Serve them informative and helpful information as they explore. 

An art gallery
Checking their purchases

Purchase before the gift shop

Watermark posters, catalogues and signage throughout your venue and connect them to products in your gift shop. Allow people to buy instantly and collect without queueing.

Fast tickets

Offer visitors the opportunity to beat the queues with fast passes and 'queue jumping' tickets. Promote these with scannable posters at the entrance to the venue, or even with GeoZones at key sites throughout the area.

Scanning a mobile ticket