Solutions for Quick Service Restaurants

Make fast food even faster 

Rezolve brings more convenience, speed and efficiency to any restaurant, café, or food concession. 

Two shoppers being invited to a restaurant via a mobile notification

Tempt them on the go

Use geo-located messaging at specific times to catch customers on the move and bring them to your door.

Send out time-sensitive coupons and promotions, and enable customers to order ahead and collect in store.

Buy on the fly

Enable your customers to order from anywhere and pick up as they pass.

Promote via scannable advertising and GeoZones, or create a menu within your app for customers to browse.

Someone showing a barcode to receive their order
Scanning a table label to order

Tabletop service

Make it possible to order from tabletop menus, posters and instore adverts.

Let customers order what they want, when they want, and then pay instantly within the app when they are ready.

Reward your loyal customers

Give the right people their just rewards. It’s the easiest way to recognise your most loyal customers.

Happy users checking their rewards