Solutions for Retail

Shops without walls 

Rezolve can help your store reach its full potential. Interact with your customers more and extend your business into the street and beyond. Make every transaction faster, easier and smoother. 

Reach outside

Use geo-located marketing to reach customers on the move. Create GeoZones around your business, and also in high-footfall areas like train stations and shopping malls.

Share targeted promotions and offers like coupons and discounts, and change your offers regularly to keep people checking in.

Expand your stock – Extend your store

Link real products to the virtual aisle. By integrating Rezolve, you will be able to offer more products, colours and sizes than you can physically display.

Watermark your swing tags, posters and POS material throughout the store to offer additional sizes, colours and delivery options.

An aisle in a store
Happy woman with shopping bags

Avoid queues

Beacons and scannable images enable shoppers to buy and pay instantly wherever they are in your store.

They can then skip the wait at checkout by picking up the order from a collection area.

More informed shopping

Scannable labels and displays can carry highly detailed information about products. Your customers can scan with their app to read product specifications, sustainability origins of materials or allergy advice.  

Checking details in a store with Rezolve

Say hello to Beacons

Beam a personal hello to your shoppers as they enter the store and push relevant offers and information in specific locations as they shop. Don’t let your customers leave without saying goodbye and giving them an incentive to return.

Window shopping, window selling 

Window shopping becomes a reality. Let customers buy from any advertising, window or shop display. If your customers can see it, they can discover all about it and go on to buy it. 

Scanning assets at a window