Rezolve Instant Checkout

Rezolve is a new technology that is revolutionising the way that customers discover and buy.

  • Next-generation one-click checkout
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Reduce basket abandonment
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing operations

Instant Customer Engagement

Rezolve's interactive capabilities connect the offline and online worlds and transform consumer interactions, both in mobile apps and online.

See Rezolve In Action
Join the dots for connected retail

Harness the Power of SmartLinks

Rezolve SmartLinks are dynamic URLs that increase sales, decrease attrition and transform the effectiveness of online campaigns.

Interactive & Shoppable Advertising

Your current images and artwork will link straight to a new world of interaction

Add a new dimension to print

Attach exciting, involving content to any print media

Full visibility of your ad campaigns

Get valuable insights whenever customers scan your ads

Great alternative to QR codes!

Beautiful on-brand imagery powered by our watermarking technology

The Rezolve Platform

Interact with more customers, in more places, in more engaging ways

Pin more sales on the map

Rezolve GeoZones provide you with location-specific promotional tools to reach customers on the move while gathering essential insights into their behaviour.

Geozones in Action

Bring Print alive

Print is no longer a passive medium. Make all your advertising, posters, swing tags and packaging interactive so your customers can buy directly. Discover who is scanning, and capture valuable data on-the-spot.

Scannable images in Action

Make Ads speak volumes

Reach customers via TV ads, radio ads and in-store music. Prompt instant interaction with watermarked audio that adds another dimension to your marketing.

Audio watermarks in action

Broadcast through Beacons

Make your real-world space interactive. Dynamically provide information to customers as they move through your premises and gain valuable understanding of customer behaviours.

Beacons in Action