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Knowledge Bases with Brain Assistant

Turbo charge your help desk

Give your team instant answers at their fingertips

Enhance training, accelerate onboarding, and answer customer service questions quickly. Add your company training and policy documentation into Brain Assistant to create knowledge bases, then share them with your team to help every team member become a subject expert.
Customer Service with Brain Assistant

Reduce support calls

Empower your customers to help themselves

Deal with the majority of customer questions, without them needing to pick up the phone. Use Brain Assistant to build and share sophisticated AI-powered knowledge bases, which your customers can chat with to get instant answers to their questions.
Streamline your processes

Streamline your processes

Create templates and form letters in an instant

Brain Assistant leverages AI to create form letters, templates, and draft documentation to save you time and money with daily tasks. Its powerful real-time search features can also streamline research and provide insights and analysis on the latest industry trends.


Keep your business data secure

No ads, no data collection, pure results

We prioritize your privacy and data security. We do not sell advertising on our platform, nor do we collect your data. This ensures that your search results are as uncontaminated as possible by commercial incentives.

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