No ‘E’ in ‘Commerce’
September 12, 2022
E-commerce, multi-channel. These are all nomenclatures. Genuinely, do we actually have anything called e-commerce today? I take the ‘e’ out; it’s commerce.

It’s happening on your app. It’s happening on your store. It’s happening on the POS system. It’s happening on EDC machines, on flights. People check you in, check you out, with an NFC chip. So really, can we can we take ‘e’ it out?

It’s commerce, it’s omnipresent, it’s agnostic, commerce. The definition from what, a desktop commerce site of 1999 and what today is.

You go pick up at store, click and collect you’ve aggregators delivering on the fly. You’ve got offers across when you land at airports and hotels. Let’s just have clarity of what omnichannel is. It’s every touchpoint, all for human life in every ecosystem. An environment which today exists.

That is today’s definition of omnichannel. Commerce is a horizontal. Omnichannel is fundamentally the bedrock of that horizontal. Whether you’re in social media, you can buy something, whether you are going towards booking a table, getting into a restaurant, you can book it on its way. Would you call ride hailing, not commerce? Of course it is. What would you calling it?

Tech, not commerce. Of course it is. Aggregation of services which is adding value and beautifully, making life simpler is omnichannel commerce.