Rezolve Instant Buy
Rezolve Instant Buy
Chris Dicken, Head of UX, Rezolve
The road to ecommerce perfection is littered with the burned out remains of abandoned carts and cancelled checkouts. Millions of customer journeys come to an untimely end every hour, and one of the main jobs of any ecommerce story owner is to figure out how to drive down abandonment to an acceptable level.

Many of the issues that lead to abandonment can’t be directly influenced: maybe the customer gets a call or a news alert, or they change their mind about the purchase. But many issues can be solved by working with the right technology partner.

Rezolve has developed an exciting ecommerce technology called ‘Instant Buy’, which is specifically designed to drive down shopping cart abandonment by taking a fresh approach to the traditional ecommerce purchasing model. The philosophy behind Instant Buy is simple: reduce the number steps between browsing and purchasing to make the consumer shopping journey as seamless as possible.

Instant Buy replaces the usual steps of ecommerce (adding to cart, viewing the cart, going to checkout, completing the checkout) with a single ‘slide to buy’ operation which is embedded within the product page. By keeping the customer on the product page, and not taking them on a multi-stage journey, you will reduce the number of decision points where the customer might choose to abandon their purchase.

When you combine Instant Buy with Rezolve’s range of offline and online methods for triggering interactions (e.g., scanning a SmartCode, scanning a watermarked image, following a social media link, or tapping on a notification from a GeoZone) you can create and deploy purchasing opportunities which consumers can complete in just two steps. Step 1: the customer interacts with the trigger and are transferred to the Instant Buy page (where all their address and payment details are pre-loaded). Step 2: They slide to buy.

Boom. Order received. That’s great for repeat customers, but brand-new customers won’t be able complete their orders so quickly. Fortunately, the design of an Instant Buy purchase flow also keeps these new customers on the same page while they are entering all their details, maximising the chance of them making it through to the point of purchase without too many distractions. Together with this, the account details they enter will be saved securely and ready for use across all stores in the Rezolve network.

By integrating with Rezolve and implementing Instant Buy in your app and website, you can impress your customers with streamlined and elegant purchases, and significantly reduce the chance of their ecommerce journey ending up abandoned at the side of the road.