Rezolve Introduces SmartCodes

July 13, 2022

Recently there’s been an explosion in QR codes, used for everything from finding about more information from an ad, to signing up for a mailing list right through to ordering a round of drinks at a bar. Thanks to the pandemic, everyone knows how to use them, and this provides a whole new opportunity for merchants to interact with their customers.

But the vast majority of QRs are far too basic to be truly useful. All they do is bounce people off to web pages. There’s no personalisation, no sophistication and very little guarantee that the page you are landing on is safe and reputable.

This is where SmartCodes come in.

SmartCodes are Rezolve’s answer to the QR code. They are based on this universally recognised technology, but the interaction is powered by the full functionality of the Rezolve platform.

When customers scan the SmartCode, they don’t just get bounced off to a random website. Instead, they are transferred to your Rezolve powered app where they are invited to interact in a personalised and ultra-secure environment, backed by PCI level 1 infrastructure.

But SmartCodes aren’t just for your existing customers. They also work for new customers who don’t have your app yet. When new customers scan the SmartCode they will be taken to their app store to download and install your app. Then once they open it, they will be automatically redirected to the content that is linked to the SmartCode. Customers get a great experience, and you get a new app user.

Once you’ve deployed a SmartCode, you can adjust the content it is linked to at any time via the RXP Dashboard, and you can use Rezolve’s built-in analytics to see which content appeals most to customers and gains you the most conversions.

SmartCodes will be available shortly via the Rezolve Experience Platform. If you have any questions, click here to contact Rezolve.