Ride Hailing
August 30, 2022

Omnichannel in travel. Ride hailing. Let’s talk about that. You booked your taxi on a ride hailing app. Wherever in the world you are. You might be visiting somebody, but as soon as your context changes and you are going from your home to a high street. Intelligent apps are able to identify that you are in a shopping mode.

If you are given relevant context and a message to a favourite buying offering of yours, the brand, which is partnered with the ride hailing organization, they are jointly trying to wow the consumer.

And why wouldn’t you want it? If you had to go to a high street for a certain set of brands, which is a kilometre walk, you might not be in a mood to browse, explore. The context and relevance of location based, proximity-based relevance messaging is while becoming one of the biggest opportunities for organization to engage with the consumer,

Now take that use case; and now you are in an airport. You’ve checked in security, all done, plenty of time in your hand. Rather than browsing and exploring, generally, you would go to stores. What if relevant message comes? You had it in your wishlist, you had it saved in your cart in one of your apps and that organisation is able to identify you and get to you.

You might pick up your favourite perfume or your favourite book, or you might actually go and pick up a travel bag or your laptop case.

See these small micro engagements in the travel and hospitality industry from ride hailing to the store to the airport, getting powered by the airport apps, airline apps, of course, the retail apps, are starting to slowly micro- engage the consumer and bring back the joy of shopping.