Transforming Ecommerce with Brain Commerce: A Paradigm Shift in User Experience

February 7, 2024
Author : Sauvik Banerjjee

The rise of ecommerce apps on platforms like Magento and Shopify has created a desire for instant gratification and a quick start to business. While established enterprise commerce companies may be skeptical, young entrepreneurs are embracing the digital realm as their new pilgrimage.

This article aims to evangelize the sales pitch and shed light on how Brain Commerce is revolutionizing the ecommerce landscape, transforming a 30-year-old behavior. Powered by Brain, this new era of commerce disrupts traditional user experiences (UX) and journeys, impacting conversion rates exponentially.

The question at hand is: Can Brain Commerce reshape the behavior of millennials and Gen Z when it comes to ecommerce?

In the traditional ecommerce app, users often log in anonymously as guests. The home page is merchandised, but personalization is lacking. The app has no knowledge of the faceless, nameless thumb using it.

The journey typically involves the following steps:

1. Home Page: A static page displaying various products or services.

2. SKU Search: Traditional index-powered search to find specific items.

3. Search Results Page: Displaying dynamic facets for filtering results.

4. Listing Pages: Showing a set of products or services.

5. Product/Service Details Page: Presenting detailed information about a specific item.

6. Cart: Where users add items before proceeding to checkout.

7. Checkout: The path to payment, delivery, and order confirmation.

8. Thank You Page: Concluding the transaction process.

Introducing Brain Commerce:

With Brain Commerce, a new era of ecommerce apps begins. The key differentiating factors are as follows:

1. Personalized Experience: Upon logging into the app, users engage in a conversation with Brain. This interaction is automatically personalized, ensuring that every request, response, recommendation, and filter aligns with the user’s preferences and context.

2. Contextualized Conversations: Users can further contextualize their queries, leading to highly refined and personalized result sets. Brain understands user intent and delivers tailored responses accordingly.

3. Instant Checkout: Brain Commerce streamlines the checkout process with a one-click feature. Users can save their payment details, simplifying future transactions. Brain remembers user preferences, creating a hyper-personalized experience upon their return.

4. Conversational AI: The future of ecommerce is undeniably changing with the integration of conversational AI. Brain Commerce revolutionizes how we query, search, browse, and navigate the digital realm, mimicking the experience of walking into a physical retail store.

In conclusion, Brain Commerce, powered by Brain POWA, is set to redefine online behavior for ecommerce apps and websites. Its impact on UX, query dynamics, searching capabilities, and customer interaction will shape the future of ecommerce. Embracing this paradigm shift allows businesses to stay ahead and provide customers with an unparalleled personalized shopping experience.

This article was written by Sauvik Banerjjee , CEO at Rezolve Ltd.

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