Rezolve Brain:

The AI platform for eCommerce

Just Ask Brain

Your customers tell Brain what they are looking for, using either voice or keyboard, and Brain does the rest. No more navigating through endless product categories or generic search results. Your customers just ask, and Brain delivers: increasing both customer satisfaction and conversions.

Features That Transform The Shopping Experience

Discover how Brain’s cutting-edge features set it apart in online retail.

Easy Interactions

No more tedious navigation, endless category pages or irrelevant results. Your customers just say what they are looking for, and Brain will handle the rest.
Interaction is easy, via either voice or keyboard input, helping your customers to quickly find what they want.


Brain doesn’t just search – it understands. Based on what Brain learns about your products and your customers, it delivers product recommendations that are personalised for each visit.
Customers can compare products, request more details, and find out everything they need to purchase with confidence without having to pick up the phone.

Seamless Transactions

Once the customer decides to purchase, Brain then takes them through its trademark Instant Checkout experience.
Ordering is quick and simple, and your regular customers will already have their details pre-loaded and ready to go so they can checkout in a single click.

Active in 95 languages

With Brain your customers can interact with your English language product catalogue and content using their native language and receive responses they can understand immediately.
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Experience Brain in Action

Brain isn’t just changing online shopping, it’s also transforming the in-store experience.

Personalized Web Experience

With Brain, every online storefront can be personalized to each individual user. A simple central search bar replaces outdated navigation systems, creating a unique, customer-centric shopping experience.

In-Store Kiosks

But Brain’s power extends beyond your screen. Brain also enhances physical retail spaces, powering in-store kiosks to guide customers according to their specific needs. Shopping malls and retail stores become easy to navigate, personalized experiences.


Empower your leading social selling channel with the richest product intelligence possible to ensure customers are able to make quick and frictionless purchase decisions. Brain delivers hyper-personalised, real time recommendations all supported by Instant Checkout and one click to buy.

Customer Support

The ultimate resource to educate and inform your customers on any topic relevant to your business, your products, your suppliers and your content. Available as both a customer facing solution and a Call Centre resource Brain is fuelled by your data and understood by our unique and proprietary AI.