Instant Checkout

The Instant Checkout Difference

Rezolve bridges the gap between promotional engagements and sales transactions, enabling businesses to sell instantly at the point of interest.

Consumers see something they are interested in, engage via one of Rezolve’s many online and offline triggers, and are brought straight into an ‘Instant Buy’ purchasing flow, which supports purchasing with a single action.

Customers can engage straight away on the web, or they can choose to switch to the associated app, where the offer will be waiting for them.

By supercharging the act of discovery, every consumer interaction is transformed into a buying opportunity.

Painless Purchasing

Make purchasing painless

Fewer steps for checkout will reduce basket abandonment, and boost your sales.

Reduce Fees

Reduce Fees

Pay only your standard card processing charges.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Your customers’ payment and address details are stored safely in Rezolve’s vault.

Rezolve System Architecture Overview

Rezolve Platform Components

The Rezolve Experience Platform (RXP) enables businesses to set up and manage campaigns that are activated by consumers interacting with a Rezolve trigger. Businesses can track the effectiveness of these campaigns via an analytics dashboard, and make any adjustments that are necessary.

The Rezolve Commerce Engine (RCE) provides all the inventory management, security and order handling that is needed to power the Instant Buy pages. The RCE includes APIs to synchronise with all the leading ecommerce platforms, and provides the RXP with a feed of live product data that can be used with the campaigns built in the RCE.

Connecting an ecommerce platform is just a matter of entering API details into the RXP, and the connection is established, enabling Rezolve to act as an additional sales channel.

Rezolve also has integrations with many leading payment gateways, meaning that all Instant Buy transactions are handled directly with a businesses existing payment gateway, rather than having to use a third-party payment provider that often charge a premium.

Instant Checkout in the Web

Rezolve supports Instant Buy flows in the browser through its Rezolve Instant service. This enables businesses without apps to sell directly from their marketing, and provide all new and existing customers with effective ways to engage.

The Rezolve Instant service also enables ‘fast checkout’ functionality for integrated ecommerce stores, providing ‘Instant Buy’ buttons that enable quick checkout for any product in an online store.