Secure Mobile Commerce

Security With Added Simplicity and Transparency

Rezolve is committed to mobile security and privacy. The platform’s technical design is based on future proof best-in-class models while maintaining simplicity and transparency for end users.

Users’ data privacy is safe-guarded with database and network encryption, role-based data access policies and other purposely designed security measures.

Security Built In

Security controls are designed into the platform from the ground up, from the front-end consumer mobile apps and web-based admin portals, through all data transport layers, to the back-end services, business logic services, databases, and internal and external APIs. The platform is supported by a robust infrastructure to mitigate against common and known threats, and the front-end apps and portals are protected by the physical possession of the mobile devices and user authentication challenges.


Rezolve's Security Philosophy

Security is built into the Rezolve platform’s technical architecture from the core, using the separation of concerns (SoC) principle. In the security context, the SoC principle is used to break secret and sensitive data into discrete sections and distribute them across the platform’s service such that, in the unlikely event of any breach of individual services or even of multiple services, any data that might be exposed is incomplete and without context and so is without value.

As well as employing SoC principles at the code and data level, Rezolve also employs the principle at the business objects level, such that data pertaining to one party (for example a Merchant) is partitioned from the data pertaining to all other parties.