Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if an image is scannable with Shop Beautiful?

Look out for the blue Rezolve circle logo.

This shows you the image contains a watermark and you can scan it with the app.

How do I make sure I ‘m always notified about location-linked promotion?

Make sure you’ve enabled your phone to ‘Always Allow’ your location to be shared with Rezolve. This will mean Rezolve will always be able to notify you when there are offers nearby.

Do I have to be in a GeoZone to see a location-linked promotion?

You can see all the location-linked promotions by going to the ‘In The Area’ page in the phone. This will show you all the offers available, sorted by how close they are to your current location.

Is it safe to enter credit card details into Shop Beautiful?

When you enter credit card details into the app, they are saved in a secure online vault. The app then holds a secure ‘token’ which points to that card, and which it can send when it’s time to make a payment. This means your card details are never stored within the app, or transmitted by the app. It’s the same as using something like ApplePay or Google Pay.


At Rezolve we will always do our utmost to support your technical problems. Please fill in the form on the links below and we will immediately reply once we receive and have analyzed the support request